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Small businesses love our seamless payroll

Here's how we're different

  • We make payroll easy—Let us handle time-consuming admin tasks, like employee set-up and salary changes with our seamless payroll.
  • We get it right—Daily transaction classification and expense tracking keeps your books clean, accurate and reliable, and payroll is seamlessly integrated.
  • Online access—Break down past payroll expenses between wages, taxes and benefits.

Affordable, quick and easy payroll for small business

Payroll processing

  • All 50 states, plus federal and local taxes
  • Unlimited payrolls
  • Direct deposit and pay cards
  • Multiple schedules and pay rates

Tax compliance

  • Payroll tax filings
  • Tax payments
  • W-2s


  • Accounting
  • Time-tracking

Help along the way

  • Employee setup
  • New hire report filing
  • Help completing W-4s and I-9s